Dec. 4  ~  German and English Advent Singstunde, 7:00pm, in the Old Chapel on the campus of Central Moravian Church, 73 W. Church St., Bethlehem, PA; 610-866-5661; Tuesday, 7 p.m. Practice your German as you sing along to a wonderful variety of Advent hymns in this traditional Moravian song service. Presented by the Moravian Archives, the Moravian Music Foundation and Central Moravian Church. Visit for more information. Free-will offering.

Singstunde is a traditional Moravian form of worship in which the congregation unites in singing a series of hymn stanzas. The stanzas are selected to develop a specific devotional theme. A Singstunde is sometimes referred to as “a sermon in song.”

For this Singstunde Advent and Christmas hymns were chosen, that can be sung in either German or English.