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Choral Collections

Come Then, Come, O Flock of Jesus: Moravian Anthems for the Smaller Choir – $15
This I Certainly Believe: A Cantata with Texts by Zinzendorf, music by Brian Henkelmann               $5

Keyboard Music

A Moravian Celebration (for organ) by Wade Peeples – $15   

Three Moravian Hymns for Piano, by Stewart McElroy    $8

Moravian Medley for Organ, by Rebecca Kleintop Owens             $10

Modulations for the Services for Holy Communion (in the Moravian Book of Worship and Supplemental Services for Holy Communion) $15

Organ Preludes by Francis F. Hagen;        4 Volumes ($20.00 each)               $20

Moravian Sketches for Organ, by Brian Henkelmann:
                Volume 1: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany    $20
               Volume 2: Lent $20

Prelude on Covenant, by Wayne Wold   $7

Organ Preludes for the Church Year           $15

Chamber Music

Three Trios for two violins and cello by John Antes           $35

Sacred Music for Flute, Trumpet, and Piano arranged by Nola R. Knouse                $22

String Quintets by J. F. Peter, for 2 violins, 2 violas, and cello       

                Volume 1: D Major and A Major                $35

                Volume 2: G Major and C Major                $35

                Volume 3: Bb Major and Eb Major            $35

Civil War Music: Music of the 26th N.C. Regimental Band; 4 volumes, $30 per volume

Moravian Chorale Books (for band instruments)

Individual Parts (green (vol. 1)  or blue (vol. 2))  $6

Conductor’s Score (green)           $20

Piano Score (green)         $15       

Piano Book (blue)            $10

Descants in C and Bb (contains tunes from both green and blue books)  $8


Moravian Sacred Vocal Music

A Loving Home’s A Happy Home 19th Century Moravian Parlor Music  $32  (Double CD)

He Restores My Soul: Moravian Sacred Vocal Duets         $16

TUMFUATE! Music of the Moravian Women of Tanzania               $12

Loveliest Immanuel: Moravian Sacred Solos        $16

Sing, O Ye Heavens! Moravian Anthems                $16

Joining Our Voices: Moravian Hymns      $16

Lost Music of Early America: Music of the Moravians       $16

The Flowering of Vocal Music in America               $16        

Pillorikput Inuit (“Blessed Are the People”) unique musical traditions of the Labrador Inuit  $16

Nainip Titilautingit 14 hymns played by the current Nain Brass Band, Moravian music /worship ensemble of Nain, Labrador    $16

Advent and Christmas

Rejoice, Rejoice, Believers: Moravian; Choral Music         $16

Once He Came in Blessing: Moravian Lower Brass Ensemble        $16

Lent and Easter

Osterkantata (Easter Cantata) by Ernst Wilhelm Wolf $16

What Heights, What Depths, of Love Divine: Moravian Lower Brass          $16


Church, Rejoice! Moravian Hymns, by Lower Brass           $16

Mit Freuden Zart, brass quintet $16

Harmonious to Dwell      Moravian Lower Brass (various Moravian and non-Moravian)  $16

Civil War: Music of the 26th N. C. Regimental Band

Storm in the Land            $16

Cheer, Boys, Cheer         $16

Instrumental Chamber Music (also available from New World Records)

Wind Music of David Moritz Michael:

                The Water Journey (and Parthien 1-2)    $16

                By a Spring (and Parthien 3-4)    $16

                Parthien 6-9       $16

                Parthien 10-14   $16

String Trios of John Antes and String

                Quintets of Johann F. Peter        $32         (Double CD)