Awards presented by the Moravian Music Foundation acknowledge significant contributions to the musical life and work of the Moravian Church and the Foundation.

Dirk French Moramus Award

Dirk French Moramus Award



The Board of Trustees has established three awards: the Moramus Award, the Award of Merit, and the James V. Salzwedel Award.  Nominations for these awards may be submitted to the Nominations and Awards Team.  This Team, upon investigation and evaluation, shall recommend, with appropriate documentation, candidates for these awards to the Board of Trustees for action.




Robert Clark Oak Grove

Robert Clark

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Phyllis Ronald

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Dale Balzer

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Bill Hutchins


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The Moramus Award is the Foundation’s most prestigious recognition. It was initiated in 1961 to honor scholars and others whose activities and achievements have resulted in outstanding contributions to American Moravian music and have furthered the work of the MMF, or have had a positive influence upon the goals and stature of the MMF. Possible recipients, rather than being sought out, have exhibited beyond any doubt their qualifications for this award.

Each award shall be inscribed with wording which reflects the achievements of the recipient. It shall be signed by the President of the Board of Trustees and the Director of the MMF.  Two copies are to be made; one to be given to the recipient and the other to be framed and prominently displayed at the Foundation headquarters. Presentation should be made in person at any time or location most appropriate, preferably at a public Moravian Music Foundation event.

Moramus Award recipients are:

1961       Irving Lowens

1962       Hans T. David and Wallace Woodworth

1964       Lily Peter and Donald Macomber McCorkle

1966       Thor Johnson

1969       Clarence T. Leinbach

1971       Helen Copenhaven Hanes and Marilyn Purnell Gombosi, Dale H. Gramley, Ewald V. Nolte

1976       R. Arthur Spaugh

1978       Frederick Paul Stocker

1980       Karl Kroeger

1981       Margaret Leinbach Kolb

1982       Allen Spach Goslen

1983       Lee Shields Butterfield

1990      Rev. Henry Williams and Robert King

1994               Richard and Monica Schantz

1999               David Lewis Crosby and Ann B. Manning

2001               Ben van den Bosch

2003               James and Susan Bates and Philip Dunigan

2006               James V. Salzwedel and Richard M. Henderson

2007               J. Michael Allsen

2012               Jill B. Bruckart

2013               David Blum and John V. Sinclair (presented at the 24th Festival)

2014               C. Daniel Crews (presented during MMF Trustee dinner)

2016               Dirk French (presented at Moramus 40th Anniv Concert)

2017               Susan Keck Foster (presented at the 25th Moravian Music Festival)


The Award of Merit, established by the Board in 1973 and activated in 1982, is given to deserving groups or individuals who have shown an unusual interest in the Moravian Music Foundation by the contribution of their time, talent, money, or material possessions. It is to be given more freely than the Moramus Award.

Nominations of candidates for the Merit Award may be presented to the Nominations and Awards Committee or may be instigated by the committee itself. The committee shall present recommendations of candidates, together with pertinent supporting information, to the Board of Trustees for its approval.


The James V. Salzwedel Award for Excellence in Church Music (established April 2004) focuses on Moravian music at the most immediate level: that of the music life of the congregation. Over the years, many musicians have given excellent and long-lasting service to music and worship in Moravian congregations. Recognition for these individuals affirms the vital importance of music in Moravian worship; the vital role played by accomplished musicians in leading the music programs in the congregations, in encouraging and supporting congregational song, in the development of musical skills for all members of a congregation, and in guiding young people in their musical and spiritual growth. While very few Moravian congregations have a staff member identified as “Minister of Music”, Moravian worship practice for many centuries has included music as an integral part of worship, and thus the musical leaders of a congregation have a vital ministry in partnership with the ordained clergy.

Recipients of the James V. Salzwedel Award will show significant contributions to the musical life of the congregation(s) they have served, over an extended period of time. While most will hold positions such as choir director, organist, or band director within a congregation (or be retired from such a position), it is possible that a volunteer member of a congregation’s music program may have made such a significant contribution to that congregation’s musical life that the award is clearly merited.

30 awards have been presented, as of February, 2017.