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Moravian Songwriter Weekend

Songwriters Weekend We will gather together to brainstorm, talk, share ideas, get feedback, reflect, and write; work alone and/or be with others trying to find just the right word, craft a beautiful melody, or devise rich harmonies. Feb. 7 – 9, Laurel RidgeCamp, Conference & Retreat CenterLaurel Springs, NC whether you write words, music, […]...


Moravian Chorale BandFest A DAY OF MUSIC & FELLOWSHIP We’ll experience the chorales and gain deeper understanding, so that we can rediscover the music and play the words, not just the notes on the page. Saturday February 15, 2020 9:00am — 4:00pm Friedland Moravian Church 2750 Friedland Church Road, W-S, NC There is NO […]...

Music on the Mountain

A Moravian Music Weekend an opportunity to make music together, to worship, to learn, and to enjoy fellowship in a casual mountain setting with cozy accommodations and delicious meals included. March 13-15, 2020 Higgins Lodge Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference & Retreat CenterLaurel Springs, NC Presented by Laurel Ridge and the Moravian Music Foundation Music Leaders Choral Leader – John […]...

Moravian Music Sunday

Moravian Music Sunday On this day, set aside to acknowledge our Moravian musical heritage, we lift our hearts and our voices in praise and thanksgiving. The Moravian Music Foundation provides all the materials for a service featuring and celebrating Moravian music: Background and information Bulletin Insert Worship outline Liturgy for Moravian Music Sunday Statement to […]...

New Organ CD!

New Organ CD available now! Mary Lou Kapp Peeples, organist CLICK BELOW for more info and/or to purchase CD....

Staff Blogs

Notes from Nola Blog LinkOur Director, Nola Knouse, is a prolific writer of all topics = Moravian Music! Musings about Moravian music; interesting things in our collection; research projects; composer lives and works. I hope these words, over time, make you want to join us – Come on in! The water’s fine! – Nola GemeinKat: Keeping […]...

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Notes from Nola: Why Go to a Moravian Music Weekend?

Music on the Mountain, Songwriters Weekend, BandFest at Friedland, 26th Moravian Music Festival in July, 2021! You know, there are almost 3,000 names/addresses on the Moravian Music Foundation’s mailing list. And for Music on the Mountain, the annual Moravian Music Weekend at Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference and Retreat Center, since 2011 we’ve had an average […]...

Moravian Funeral Chorales

Lunchtime Lecture Moravian Funeral Chorales The Rev. Nola R. Knouse, Ph.D., lecturerRecorded on Jan. 15, 2020Home Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NCWed. Night Fellowship program A lecture on the tradition of Moravian funeral chorales, the Moravian “choir” system, trombone “choirs” (Posaunenchoren), presented at Home Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC for Wednesday Night Fellowship, Jan 15, 2020. Speaker: the […]...

Feb 13 Lecture

From Russia with Love “From Russia with Love (of sacred choral music)” examines the relationship of composer and organist Johann Wilhelm Hässler with Moravians in Germany and later, in Sarepta, Russia....

Moravian Music Timeline

Lunchtime Lecture A Timeline of Moravian Music The Rev. Nola R. Knouse, Ph.D., lecturerRecorded on Jan. 9, 2020...

7th Bethlehem Conference Announced

Call for Research Papers and other presenters for the 7th Bethlehem Conference on Moravian History & Music in 2020 The 2020 conference will explore Moravian history and music from the fifteenth to twenty-first centuries in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia. Rev. Dr. Riddick Weber, Chair Now accepting proposals for individual papers, […]...

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Notes from Nola

A wealth of knowledge and experience goes into these informative and imaginative blog posts, from our Director, the Rev. Dr. Nola Reed Knouse.

Musings about Moravian music; interesting things in our collection; research projects; composer's lives and works. I hope these words, over time, make you want to join us – Come on in; the water’s fine!