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Moravian Anthem Database

TO REQUEST MUSIC FROM THE LIBRARY:  Send your request (composer name, anthem title, number of copies needed, and if instrumental parts are needed) by email to or by phone at (336) 725-0651.

By borrowing from the Lending Library, patrons are agreeing to the following policies:

  1. Patrons must pay for postage (both from and to the Moravian Music Foundation).  The MMF will send an invoice for shipping and handling ($6.25 minimum fee).  The invoice must be paid within 30 days by check, credit card, or money order.  Materials may be picked up at the Winston-Salem office between regular business hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30am-12 noon and 1:30pm-4:30pm. Materials borrowed from the Bethlehem office may be picked up by appointment.
  2. Vocal parts and instrument parts are available on a first come, first served basis.  Single copies of anthems will not be loaned out.
  3. No photocopies may be made without the express consent of the copyright holder of the anthem and or instrumental parts (be that the MMF or a commercial publisher).
  4. All materials have a loan period of two months.
  5. All materials must be returned in their original condition (i.e., well taken care of, no parts missing).
  6. If an instrumental part is missing or if the number of vocal parts is incorrect, the borrower must notify the MMF of the discrepancy no later than two weeks after the “Date Borrowed” date on the loan record. Otherwise, the patron will be held responsible for any missing instrumental or vocal parts.
  7. A copy of the Library Loan Record must be returned with the materials to insure accuracy in the library records and to prevent the patron from receiving overdue notices and fees by mistake.
  8. Overdue notices will be sent two weeks after the due date.
  9. Patrons will be billed $1 for each vocal part missing when the materials are returned, $5 for each instrumental part missing, and $10 for each full score missing.
  10. Excessive overdue material and missing copies may result in the patron being restricted from borrowing.
  11. Failing to return materials after one year will result in a patron being banned indefinitely.

For more information about purchasing Moravian music or about copyright information of anthems please go to Moravian Music Publishers for phone numbers, mailing addresses, and websites of our publishers.  Some of the pieces on our list contain their publisher name and publication number.  Some pieces may be out of print.

Downloadable Lending Library lists (PDF):

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