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Notes from Nola

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A new blog series by Director, Nola Knouse. Musings about Moravian music; interesting things in our collection; research projects; composer lives and works.

I hope these words, over time, make you want to join us – Come on in! The water’s fine! – Nola


GemeinKat: Keeping Track of Details (the Catalog Project)

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A new blog series by Barbara Strauss, Cataloging Project Manager.

I started working at the Moravian Music Foundation on December 1, 2014 as the Cataloging Project Manager —


newly retired from Cleveland State University’s Michael Schwartz Library. I’ll tell you the story in a nutshell; the blog is intended to spin out the whole story in two paths. One path will be somewhat technical and of interest to music librarians and the other path is my personal journey from graduate student at the University of Arizona to staff member at the Foundation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.   -Barbara Strauss



Harmonious to Dwell


Harmonious to Dwell

Harmonious to Dwell

The Moravian Lower Brass plays Favorite Hymns

The title of the CD comes from verse 2 of What Brought Us Together, which emphasizes the joyful fellowship of the family of God: “Is this our high calling, harmonious to dwell, and thus in sweet concert Christ’s praises to tell, in peace and blessed union our moments to spend, and live in communion with Jesus our friend?”
– a question which is answered in jubilant affirmation.
The Moravian Lower Brass is the band equivalent of the sonority of a men’s chorus and produces a mellow, rich, and uniquely expressive sound. The 50 players participating in this recording include members of eighteen Moravian churches and fellowships and seven non-Moravian churches. The music of this recording is taken from the chorale books of the Moravian Church in America.

This CD contains 38 hymns played on brass instruments.

Lunchtime Lecture Series

at the Archie K. Davis Center in Winston-Salem, NC

A Partnership of the Moravian Archives and Moravian Music Foundation

Lectures are held at 12:15 p.m., on the second Thursday of the month (except Oct.), in the Spaugh Lecture/Recital Hall of the Archie K. Davis Center.
DIRECTIONS     FREE and open to the public.

     September 12
’Know Them by Their Name’: 
Moravians Cataloging the American Botanical Landscape, 1785-1835
Eric Elliott

     October 10
Moravian Music Future, Nola Knouse

     November 14
“In Constant Demand”: The Life of Adelaide Fries (1871-1949)
Nicole Crabbe

     December 12
Advent and Christmas Music, Nola Knouse

CONTACT INFO for MORAVIAN ARCHIVES, 457 S. Church St., W-S NC  336-722-1742

26th Moravian Music Festival

Summer 2021       It’s not too early to start planning to attend the 26th Moravian Music Festival, to be held July 18 – 24, 2021 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania! This week-long celebration of our God-given music and worship heritage features opportunities for instrumentalists and vocalists, with large and small ensembles, fellowship, worship, seminars and workshops designed to help you grow in your faith and in your musical life. Stay in touch by checking out regularly!

Moravian Music 101  LIVE on YouTube

Listen to a past lecture by the Rev. Nola R. Knouse, Ph.D. 

THEME: “Moravian Music, past and present, is grounded and rooted, grows and bears fruit within and for the worship of the Saviour.”

Friday, Sept. 19, 2014 2:00 – 3:30pm Archie K. Davis Center, Winston-Salem, NC

This lecture was recorded LIVE and is available at the MMF YouTube channel.

♦ A Loving Home’s A Happy Home: 19th-Century Moravian Parlor Music

by Lisetta and Amelia Van Vleck, Carl Van Vleck & Francis F. Hagen

Order Online Now for $32
Issued by New World Records, this is a two-CD set, (Disc 1 has 15 tracks, Disc 2 has 16) with a variety of vocal and piano music by Salem, NC composers. It will transport you to another time, as though you’re listening to an evening recital in the parlor of your friend’s home.

Cover Art Scan Van Vleck

From the liner notes: Perhaps the most colorful and engaging women in Moravian musical history are the three Van Vleck sisters of the nineteenth century. Born into a family of musical Moravian ministers spanning several generations, these three women all inherited – and made use of – the musical gifts of their ancestors.

Barbara Lister-Sink, solo piano
Hannah Rose Carter, soprano; Mary Siebert, alto; Glenn Siebert, tenor; Jason McKinney, bass-baritone; Susan Keck Foster, piano accompaniment.

Gwyn Michel served as producer for all the recordings and Frank Martin as recording engineer. This CD is not only entertaining and wonderful to hear, but serves an important purpose in the mission of MMF. Music of women composers of this caliber will help put MMF “on the map” in American studies and women’s studies, and will likely create demand for published music of these fine and unique composers.

♦♦  Moravian Star Anthem Series is growing!

Over 70 anthems available!

See our Catalog or call 336-725-0651 for more information about how to order anthems in our new series. Those with red covers are newly-written works by living Moravian composers; those with blue covers are editions from the archival collections. Some are new editions of our old favorites that had gone out of print, and some are the first time these anthems have been published!

The latest edition in the Moravian Star Anthem Series is now available.

He Wipes Away Our Tears (Er wischt die Thraenlein ab)   by J. C. Bechler (1784-1857)  MMFS1402   $1.95 ea.

The text is by Christian Gregor (1723-1801).          Appropriate for General use.

Bechler served the Moravian congregations in Philadelphia, Staten Island, Lititz, and Salem. In 1836, he served in Sarepta, Russia, before returning to Herrnhut in 1849, until his death.

He Wipes Away Our Tears contains both English and German, and is in C Major and the highest soprano note is G5 (g”); a lower key organ part is available. It is written in 3/4 time for SATB choir with keyboard accompaniment; instrumental parts for 2 flutes and/or strings are available and optional.

This Bechler anthem was edited by Nola Reed Knouse from manuscript copies in the Nazareth Congregation collection.


Morning Star, in Darkest Night (Morgenstern auf finstre nacht)
by Georg Friedrich von Hellström    MMFS1401   $1.75  ea.                    Morgenstern Anthem Hellstrom Cover

The music is different from the familiar F. F. Hagen (1815-1907) Morning Star, O Cheering Sight, first sung in 1836 in Salem, NC; it is, indeed, built upon the same text by Johannes Scheffler (1657).   Appropriate for Christmas.

The music for Morning Star, in Darkest Night (Morgenstern auf finstre nacht) was written by one of Hagen’s European contemporaries, Georg Friedrich von Hellström (1825-1912). Hellström  served the Moravian congregation in Christiansfeld, Denmark for 42 years. His later service included work at Gnadenberg (1894), Kleinwelda (1895), and Neudietendorf (1898), where he remained until his death.

Morning Star, in Darkest Night contains the 1st, 3rd, and 6th stanzas by Scheffler, offered in both English and German, and concludes with a four-fold “Amen.” It is in Eb Major and the highest soprano note is G5 (g”); a lower key organ part is available. It is written in 3/4 time for SATB choir with keyboard accompaniment; instrumental parts are available and optional.

The Hellström anthem was edited by Gwyneth Michel and Nola Reed Knouse from manuscript copies provided by Nazareth Moravian Church, Nazareth, PA.

In recognition of the work of the Moravian Music Foundation, Jeanne and David Serfas provided the funding for this publication.

Moravian Music on the Mountain

A Moravian Music Weekend

an opportunity to make music together, to worship, to learn, and to enjoy fellowship in a casual mountain setting with cozy accommodations and delicious meals included.

Feb. 22, 23, 24, 2019

Higgins Lodge, Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference & Retreat Center

Presented by Laurel Ridge and the Moravian Music Foundation

Choral Leader – Jim White, Choir Director of Raleigh Moravian Church
Band Leader – Robah Ogburn, Director of the Triad Community Band (formerly Bethabara Band)

Devotions – The Rev. Dennis Rohn

Easy Registration & Reasonable Rates! 

For more information and to register, please phone Laurel Ridge at 336-359-2951
Laurel Ridge Toll Free: 888-831-5922
or mail-in the registration form provided on our MMF Website

More Info

German and English Advent Singstunde

Dec. 5, Tuesday at 7:00pm, in the Old Chapel on the campus of Central Moravian Church, 73 W. Church St., Bethlehem, PA;
Enjoy sounds of the season in praise and worship, and in anticipation of the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Sing a variety of music in both German and English. A partnership of the Moravian Archives and the Moravian Music Foundation. Free-will offering.


Unity Brass Festival

July 19 – 22, 2018         INFO PAGE  UnityBrassFestLogo-TUBA

The 3rd International Brass Festival of the Moravian Unity will be held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA in July, 2018

The format will be a long weekend, starting Thursday, with optional Monday activities, tours, and events, specially designed for out of town visitors.

Join sisters and brothers from around the world for music & fellowship!


The 25th Moravian Music Festival

July 23 – 29, 2017

In the historic Moravian settlement of Salem, in Winston-Salem, NC.

Facilities and Venues:  Trinity, Calvary, and Home Moravian churches, Salem College, Salem Square, Winston-Salem State University, and others.


Monday, July 24, 2017

7:30 p.m.: Loveliest Immanuel: An Elegant Evening

Trinity Moravian Church

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

7:30 p.m.: The Best of Salem Band (dating to 1772)

On Salem Square

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7:30 p.m.: Joining Our Voices: A Moravian Anthem Sing

Home Moravian Church

Thursday, July 27, 2017

7:30 p.m.: By a Spring: The Festival Concert Band and Chamber Ensembles

Calvary Moravian Church

Friday, July 28, 2017

2:00 p.m.: Festival Children’s Program – Home Moravian Church

7:30 p.m.: Sing, O Ye Heavens! The Festival Chorus and Orchestra

Williams Auditorium, Winston-Salem State University

Saturday, July 29, 2017

9:30 a.m.:  Mit Freuden zart: Closing Singstunde:

The Festival Trombone Choir, Handbell Choir, Chamber Ensembles

Home Moravian Church

Moravian Music on the Mountain

A Moravian Music Weekend

March 10, 11, 12, 2017

Higgins Lodge, Laurel Ridge Camp, Conference & Retreat Center


Lewis Phillips (Director of Music/Pastoral Assistant of Fairview Moravian Church) – Choral Music Leader

Donna Rothrock (Director of Moravian Bands at Trinity and Clemmons Moravian churches, Founder and Director of the Salem Trombone Choir) – Band Music Leader

Moravian Music Weekends were created to give participants an opportunity to make music together, to worship, to learn, and to enjoy Moravian fellowship.

Presented by Laurel Ridge and the Moravian Music Foundation

For more information and to register, please phone Laurel Ridge at 336-359-2951
Laurel Ridge Toll Free: 888-831-5922

or mail-in the registration form provided on our MMF Website

Lunchtime Lecture Series

at the Archie K. Davis Center in Winston-Salem, NC

A Partnership of the Moravian Archives and Moravian Music Foundation

Lectures are held at 12:15 p.m., on the second Thursday of the month, in the Spaugh Lecture/Recital Hall of the Archie K. Davis Center.

FREE and open to the public. You’re welcome to bring your lunch!

  • September 8, 2016        The Girls School Goes Radical – Richard W. Starbuck
  • October 13, 2016         250th Anniversary of Salem Wraps It Up – Richard W. Starbuck
  • November 10, 2016       The 2016 Unity Synod – Southern Province Delegates: David B. Guthrie, John D. Rights, Craig S. Troutman
  • December 8, 2016       The Date Which Will Live in Infamy – Richard W. Starbuck
  • January 12, 2017       Moravian Music Elsewhere, Part 1 – Nola Reed Knouse
  • February 9, 2017       Even More Fun Finds in the Vault – Nola Reed Knouse
  • March 9, 2017        The Last Wachovia Pioneer – Richard W. Starbuck
  • April 20, 2017 (3rd Thursday)  Elm Street and the Sunday School Movement – Richard W. Starbuck
  • May 11, 2017       Have We Heard It All Yet? – Nola Reed Knouse

Lunchtime Lecture Series

at the Archie K. Davis Center in Winston-Salem, NC

A Partnership of the Moravian Archives and Moravian Music Foundation

Lectures are held at 12:15 p.m., on the second Thursday of the month, in the Spaugh Lecture/Recital Hall of the Archie K. Davis Center. You’re welcome to bring your lunch! If the local schools are cancelled or released early because of weather, please, call 725-0651 to see if we’re here – we might be going ahead with the lecture! FREE and open to the public. DIRECTIONS

  • September 10, 2015         Updating Records of the Cherokees – Richard W. Starbuck
  • October 8, 2015             Francis Florentine Hagen @ 200 – Nola Reed Knouse
  • November 12, 2015           A Chamber Music Adventure – Laura Dangerfield Stevens
  • December 10, 2015           250th Anniversary of Salem, part 2 – Richard W. Starbuck
  • January 14, 2016               Mapping Salem – Richard W. Starbuck
  • February 11, 2016               More Fun Finds in the Vault – Nola Reed Knouse
  • March 10, 2016               Salem’s 250th in Music – Nola Reed Knouse
  • April 14, 2016               So, You’re a Genealogist, Eh? – Richard W. Starbuck
  • May 12, 2016               The Moravian Music Foundation at 60 – Nola Reed Knouse

HANDICAPPED ACCESS, elevator access, and anyone who needs to save some steps or shorten their walk.

Once you have parked in the Salem College/A K Davis Ctr/God’s Acre parking lot (see Directions), approach the building on the lowest level (double gate) and press the CALL button. The intercom is active, and someone will come down the elevator to let you in the building, there at the double doors.

Moramus Chorale 

Music@Home Concert Series
Sunday, May 3, 2015,  
Joint Concert with Salem College and Home Moravian Choirs
Home Moravian Church, 529 S. Church St., Winston-Salem

Director:  Drake Flynt     Accompanist: Ray Ebert

 Free  (donations appreciated)

Drake Flynt

Director of Music at King Moravian Church, Drake also conducts the Great Sabbath Service of Music and Moramus Chorale. He is president of Second Nature Gardens, Ltd.

Sonja Sepúlveda

Assistant Professor of Music – Salem College: Director of Choral Activities and professor of music theory, conducts the Salem Chamber Choir, Chorale, and SuperTonics. She came to Salem College following positions at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky and Brewton Parker College in Mt. Vernon, Georgia.

Glenn Siebert

Voice Faculty – UNC School of the Arts: Tenor Glenn Siebert has appeared with many of the world’s most acclaimed symphony orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, Philadelphia Orchestra, St. Louis Symphony, Royal Flanders Philharmonic, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, Boston Pops, American Symphony and many others. Glenn is Director of Music at Home Moravian Church.

CONTACT: 457 South Church Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101  Telephone: (336) 725-0651
RehearsalsFourth Tuesday of the month 7:00 – 9:00pm.  Fries Memorial Moravian Church, 251 Hawthorne Rd N, Winston-Salem, NC       Committee: President, Carol Southerland

UNITAS CHORALE Concert Performance

Gems from the Archives of Bethlehem and Herrnhut
Sunday, April 26, 2015, 4:00pm
Palmer Moravian Church, Easton, PA
Free  (donations appreciated)

Director:  Gwyneth A. Michel    Accompanist: Donna K. Ambler
with Guest Conductor, Peter Kubath, Director of Music, the Moravian Church in Herrnhut, Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

Peter has been Music Director of Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine (Herrnhut Moravian Church); Organist and Choir Director: children’s choirs, youth choir, adult choir. Peter is on sabbatical for 7 months in the United States.
Gems from the Archives of Herrnhut and Bethlehem
Hymn 469, Come, Let Us Sing the Song of Songs     WAREHAM (22 H)
How Precious Is Your Love, O God     Peter Kubath
Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied       Johann Gottlieb NaumannHymn, New Songs of Celebration Render  RENDEZ A DIEUHow Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place         Johann Christian GeislerHymn 541, To God Whose Mercy Knows No Bounds   LASST UNS ERFREUENHerr, unser Herrscher        Moritz HauptmannOffertory: Herrnhut      arr. by Stewart McElroy from Three Moravian Hymns for Piano     Donna Ambler, pianoO Tender Vine           Johann Gottlieb NaumannPastorale          Karl Löwe          David Charrier, soloistHymn 662, Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice     HAYN (82 D)Walk as Children of Light          Peter KubathHymn 381, Holy, Holy, Holy          NICAEA (144 C)The Seraphim on High            Johann Christian Geisler*Hymn, Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord    BECHLER




Director of MMF is Consecrated a Presbyter in the Moravian ChurchNola Presbyter Consecration

The Rev. Nola Reed Knouse, Ph.D. was consecrated a Presbyter in the Moravian Church, by the Rt. Rev. Wayne Burkette, on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at 3:00pm at Home Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, NC.

 2014 James V. Salzwedel Award Recipients

Ben Fishel w Nola R KnouseAdvent Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC
Ben Fishel has been singing in the choir at Advent since 1942, representing countless solos, cantatas, and mass choirs for community worship services.

Erik Salzwedel, Raymond Ebert

Friedland Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC
Raymond Ebert, organist, served Centenary Un. Methodist Church for over 40 years. Raymond is accompanist/organist for the Moramus Chorale, Salemtowne Singers, and serves many with his gifts. He has recitaled extensively, including on the restored 1800 Tannenberg Organ in Salem.

Sam FortTrinity Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC
Sam Fort and Lillian Fort (posthumous) served Trinity band, Trinity choir, and Salem Band and the Salem Easter Band. Sam, with Lillian, was assistant director of the Salem Band and Easter Band from the early 1960s.  He assumed the directorship of the Salem Band in 1972 and Easter Band in 1975, retiring from both positions in 1991 and continuing to play in both groups.

Throughout their ministry of music, these Moravians modeled true servanthood, offering their gifts in witness and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.



♦♦♦  What does a Moravian musician do on vacation?

Click here to watch something special about Max and Margaret Brady’s recent visit to Normandy …