Moravian Music Sunday

Materials for 2019 at LINK

Moravian Music Sunday is celebrated on the fifth Sunday of Easter, which in 2019 is May 19. Materials designed to assist your worship planning team in the preparation for Moravian Music Sunday are available for downloading on HERE.

Liturgy and Bulletin Inserts are print-ready and may be duplicated at will.
Order of Worship
is a suggestion and is not in final form – to receive the file in WORD, please contact or call 336-725-0651
Many thanks for all you do to help preserve, share, and celebrate Moravian musical culture!

Note: If May 19 isn’t a convenient time for you to celebrate Moravian Music Sunday, please do so on any Sunday that works well for your congregation.

Moravian Music Foundation Resources

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Please visit our Research page for more information about doing scholarly research within the unique American collections of the Moravian Church musical archives at the Moravian Music Foundation.

Intro to Moravian Music & the Foundation

NOTES FROM NOLA   – a blog of interesting information, stories, background

Moravian Music 101 — long form – this can be presented to a class, civic group, or just read for your own enjoyment! Music examples can be included from one of our “sampler” CD’s or any recordings of Moravian music you have at hand.

Moravian Music 101 – short form – designed for a “moment for mission” in your congregation.

Moravian Music 101VIDEO on YouTube, Nola R Knouse, lecturer


Searchable Database for Anthems:

Moravian Anthem Database

Developed by David Blum, Research Librarian, this database combines all anthems, whether in the Moravian Star Anthem Series or previously published by an outside publisher (out or print).


To search original manuscripts in the archived collections, please go to GEMEINKAT


The Music Lending Libraries (mostly, choral music) of the Northern and Southern Provinces can be found HERE.

Concordance to the Moravian Book of Worship

The Concordance to the Moravian Book of Worship indexes every hymn in the Moravian Book of Worship, the official hymnal of the Moravian Church in America, published in 1995 by the Interprovincial Board of Publications and Communications.


Moravian Music Worship Resource Manual — a useful tool for music planning during the church year

Moravian Book of Worship available on the MMF Website

Companion to the Moravian Book of Worship available on the MMF Website

Odes, Orders of Service, Bulletins, Programs, etc.

General Lovefeast Outline

Resources for the 550th Anniversary of the Moravian Church may be found HERE.

Singstunde: The Lord’s Prayer
Singstunde: Celebrating the Essentials of the Moravian Faith


2017 MMF Annual Report

Moravian Music Foundation Newsletters

Newsletter Submissions

You may submit concert information, short articles, and job postings to to be placed in our printed quarterly newsletter. Submission deadlines are:

  • December 15 for the Winter issue to be mailed in January
  • May 1 for the Spring/Summer issue to be mailed in June
  • September 15 for the Fall issue to be mailed in October

Submissions will be approved by the Moravian Music Foundation Director and may be edited. Any changes will be returned for final approval.


Collection Catalog

GemeinKatPlease visit the GemeinKat Online Catalog for information on searching MMF’s Moravian music holdings.

Many of MMF’s holdings may now be searched (as of October 2015) through WorldCat online. The MMF collections database is called GemeinKat and an introduction and explanation is available at this LINK.

GemeinKat Search


Please visit our Research page for more information about doing scholarly research within these unique collections at the Moravian Music Foundation.

Copyright Guidelines for Congregations and Agencies of the Moravian Church in America

Moravian Star Anthem Series

New compositions and New editions of older compositions


Collection Details

The 26th NC Regiment Band – Salem Brass Band    MORE INFO

The Moravian Music Foundation is the home of the only known complete set of extant Confederate band books from the Civil War. This set belonged to the musicians of the 26th NC Regiment band, which was made up of Moravian men from Salem, NC. The MMF vault holds part-books from other bands, as well.

Irving Lowens Tune Book Collection   

The MMF vault is home to hundreds of original tune books, from the 18th, 19th, and 20th century.

Titles include:
The Temperance Lyre, The Southern Harp, Musical Bouquet,  Singing Bird of Progressive Music Reader, Sabbath Bells, The Continental Harmony, The Psalm Singer’s Amusement, and the Juvenile Minstrel.

Some Individual Collection Catalogs in print form (these lists are static)

Please visit our Research page for more information about doing scholarly research within these unique collections at the Moravian Music Foundation.

Published Moravian Vocal Music: A Catalog (August 2002 edition)

This catalog provides listing for Moravian vocal music published in the twentieth century in America. For each entry the following information is included: Composer name and dates; English title; German title; year of publication; publisher’s catalog number; suggestions for use; voice parts; instrumental parts; editor; in-print status; source of text; translator; and comments.

Band Book Lists

Full lists of the tunes in both the GREEN and BLUE band books: by Tune Name and by Hymn Name . These lists also include which key the tune is in, and what page the tune appears in the blue 1995 Moravian Book of Worship, as well as the older Red and Black editions of the Moravian hymnal. Many thanks to Jill Bruckart for these lists!
Band Books for sale from MMF WEBSITE



Moravian and Music websites of interest – LINKS



Moravian History

Concise articles to begin your inquiry or answer some questions:


Music in the Temple

An interesting look at various aspects of worship and music in ancient Israel may be found at Howard Cox, Music in the Temple


Photo Galleries

Find MMF Photo Galleries HERE.