July 19 – 22, 2018 

The 3rd Moravian Unity Brass Festival is four days of music and fellowship, practice and performance, learning and sharing.

The Festival has passed, but you may enjoy the Massed Brass Ensemble service of music at this link:


Four days (a long weekend) of music and fellowship for brass instrument players of all ages and levels. Be a part of an enormous brass ensemble, made up of Moravians from around the world; an experience you will never forget. All in praise and adoration of the One who calls us to be his own.

Welcoming all ages and all levels, the Festival provides opportunities to improve musicality, skills, and ensemble. The Festival builds for the future by teaching, leading and encouraging brass musicians, arrangers and composers.

Performances and worship will take place at locations and churches all over the city. The Massed Brass

will perform a Unity Concert at Wait Chapel, on the campus of Wake Forest University, 4:00pm on Sunday. www.wfu.edu

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Vier Tage voller Musik und Beisammensein für Bläser von verschiedenen Fähigkeiten und Altersstufen.   Bläser aus der ganzen brüderische Welt sind zu einen verlängerten Wochenende in den Vereinigen Staaten eingeladen, um dort Gottesdienste, Konzerte, Workshops, Freizeiten, usw. zu erleben.  Es wird ein einmaliges Erlebnis sein unseren Herrn zusammen zu preisen.

Konzerte und Gottesdienste werden an verschiedenen Stellen in Winston-Salem stattfinden. Das Schlusskonzert wird am Sonntag, Juli 22, in der grossen Kapelle von Wake Forest Universität stattfinden. 

Mehr Information darüber finden Sie hier.   



Only twice before, has an international festival been organized by the Moravian Church to convene brass musicians to play and learn in Christian fellowship and share brass music with others for the glory of God (S. Africa, 2007; Germany, 2013).

The 3rd Moravian Unity Brass Festival will attract hundreds of brass instrumentalists to Wait Chapel on the campus of Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. Hundreds more will attend and enjoy the free performances of mostly new arrangements for brass and favorites from the various brass traditions. We hope you will join us.

Its main purpose being fellowship, the Festival is an event that, through music, connects the Worldwide Unity (Unitas Fratrum) in musical collaboration, builds friendships and community, and celebrates oneness in Christ. It is full of fun, fellowship, and music.

The Festival is for everyone, serving musicians of all ages and all levels, from beginner to director (Moravians and non-Moravians), providing opportunities to play, learn, and share brass music. 

Advance registration is required; forms will be posted on the website, and online registration instructions will be available there.   REGISTRATION LINK

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The 3rd Moravian Unity Brass Festival convenes brass musicians to play and learn
in Christian fellowship and share brass music with others for the Glory of God.


The 3rd Moravian Unity Brass Festival is a unique opportunity to experience the historical Wachovia settlement in North Carolina, USA and celebrate the worldwide Moravian brass tradition.


Winston-Salem began as a Moravian settlement in 1753 and includes the beautiful and historic villages of Salem, Bethabara, Bethania

Home Church Visit WS Miksch gardenHome Moravian organ front


The Archie K Davis Center

The format will be a long weekend, arriving Thursday, with optional Wednesday activities, tours, and events, specially designed for out of town visitors. Another option is to stay for Monday, although many tour destinations are closed on Monday.





The 3rd Moravian Unity Brass Festival will strengthen interpersonal bonds within the Worldwide Moravian Unity;
will draw the participants closer in Christian community;
will affirm the work and gifts of players, leaders and organizers;
will nurture the musical growth of individuals of all levels, and the musical development of ensembles;
will improve and increase the repertoire for worshipful brass music and prove its continuing relevance throughout the Worldwide Moravian Church.


The first Unity Brass Festival was held in 2007 in South Africa and coincided with the 550th anniversary (1457-2007) of the Unity.

South Africa-CT big band + audience South Africa-Rehearsal w. Salem Brass Band












The 2nd Moravian Unity Brass Festival was held May 17-21 in the Moravian community of in Bad Boll, Germany, in May 2013. Three groups from BBSA, Eastern Cape, Western Cape, and Mamre Brass Band participated in this festival and toured Germany in May 2013. This year’s festival, known as “Bläsertag 2013 (Brass Day)” was the second Unity-wide gathering of brass players. About 350 brass players attended the long weekend (Friday-Tuesday) festival, representing five countries: Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, South Africa and the United States. The local and regional brass festivals in Germany are often planned over the Pentecost (Pfingsten) long weekend, with special services on Sunday and Monday. This national holiday makes it easier for many to attend, although many shops and museums may be closed.  Unity Brass Festival, 2013, Bad Boll

Read more about the Bad Boll Unity Brass Festival here:



3rd Unity Brass Festival

A general public audience is invited to the massed brass performance on Sunday afternoon. Free; donations appreciated.

Registration is required to participate as a player – registration includes all events, rehearsals, and workshops of the Festival.

The Festival is an opportunity to share music and fellowship with other Moravian brass musicians, in the historic city of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. While designed for both amateur and professional musicians in the Moravian Church, the Festival is open to all, regardless of age, gender, place of residence, denominational affiliation, or level of musical training!

Bitte die Brüder-Unität Bläsertreffen in North Carolina teilnehmen! Bestimmt am 19 – 22 Juli 2018 !  Durch die Amerikanische Moravian Music Foundation gefördert.

Goals of the Festival:

  • Musicians will experience Christian fellowship, renew old friendships, and meet Moravians from around the world.
  • Musicians will learn about Moravian music and Moravian history, while experiencing North American Moravian culture.
  • Musicians will play a variety of worshipful brass music, including new arrangements, new compositions, and some challenges, under the direction of a variety of Moravian band leaders (some of the composers and arrangers, themselves!).



Call for Arrangements / Compositions

Click for information about submitting music to be considered for performance at the Festival in July, 2018.