New Releases every year!

The Moravian Music Foundation is the publisher of the Moravian Star Anthem Series, with five to ten new releases each year. Watch this page for updates as new titles become available! Where listed with the anthem, the instrumental parts and full score are available for purchase for $10.00. In addition, each purchase of 10 copies or more will include a copy of the organ part in a lower key.

BLUE series anthems are by Moravian composers of the past; new editions from original manuscripts from our holdings.

RED series anthems are by living Moravian composers.

To order please call (336) 725-0651 or send an email to
Anthem orders will be accompanied by an invoice that may be paid by check or money order, or you may pay by phone, or in person, with a debit or credit card.

Moravian Star Anthem Series

LIST of Anthems – as of Nov. 2017 

Through the Moravian Star Anthem Series the Moravian Music Foundation publishes anthems by a variety of Moravian composers, including newly-edited works, some “old favorites” in new editions, and new compositions. Each publication includes biographical information about the composer. Full score and orchestral parts are available through the Moravian Music Foundation. The organ part of each anthem is also available in a lower key. For most of the SSAB anthems, tenors can either sing with the basses or with the second sopranos

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