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Band Festival

A Project of the Advent-Hopewell Moravian Band, the Moravian Music Foundation, and the Advent Moravian Women’s Fellowship SIGN UP FORM Two Ensembles In Which You May Choose to Participate: CHORALE BAND Music from the green and blue chorale books CONDUCTORS:Michael SalleyRobah Ogburn[back up conductor is Van Krause] CONCERT BAND Music from chorale books and intermediate […]

Friends Fund

If you believe in the power of musicand the unique heritage of Moravian music, please consider a gift to the Moravian Music Foundation.

PreServers Volunteer Group

The MMF PreServers, serving together in fellowship to promote music, education, and engagement for the future of the Moravian Music Foundation. The PreServers is a dynamic community of volunteers dedicated to supporting programs, events, and the educational outreach of the Moravian Music Foundation. The MMF PreServers will invite participation and help to create awareness of […]