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Moravian Music Sunday 2022

Recognizing that music is a means of proclaiming the Gospel, we celebrate Moravian Music on the fifth Sunday of Easter, May 15, 2022 Moravian Music Sunday Theme: 300th Anniversary of...

Researcher Guide

CHOOSE YOUR APPROACH:Are you researching a topic or searching for music in MMF's holdings? Research a Topic Starting a Research PRoject on Music, Musicians, Instruments, other Topics Researching Search the...

Celebrating Excellence

All are invited to leave a message to Nola or Gwyn in the comments, below. Timeline of the Transition Announcement of Retirement Dear Friend of the Moravian Music Foundation, Leadership...

Notes from Nola: GemeinKat update!

More Details About the GemeinKat Project GemeinKat Cataloging Project Update Those of you who’ve been following the Moravian Music Foundation for some time will be aware of the ongoing GemeinKat...

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a celebration of music, created with inspiration, and presented with joy. GO TO FESTIVAL WEBSITE 26th Festival 2021An online experience focusing on education and preparation.more info26th Festival 2022A live in-person...

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E-Newsletters on MMF Website We have recently added links to recent MMF Email Newsletters on the MMF Website. Link to E-News Page

Moravian Music Sunday

Moravian Music Sunday 2020 In light of current guidelines, we encourage churches to choose their own Sunday to feature Moravian Music! Easily planned with provided resources and materials for a...

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Herrnhut 300

300th Anniversary1722 ~ 2022Project Website On June 17, 1722, Christian David fells a tree as the first act of establishing a settlement for religious refugees from Moravia. Today, we celebrate...

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Live concerts are returning and MMF tries to share Moravian and Moravian-related musical events on its community calendar. Concerts - Live and/or Streamed Please also enjoy our own MMF concert...

From the Vault to the Choir Loft

From the Vault to the Choir Loft VIDEO: Bringing Musical Treasures to Your Ears A short video exploring/explaining the process of editing from the original manuscript to the final publication...

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