The Moravian Music Foundation has been self-publishing anthems through the Moravian Star Anthem Series since 2007, but for decades before that, the Foundation published through many other commercial publishers. This database attempts to capture all the titles previously published, and to index them for scriptural allusions and seasons of the church year.

The database uses the Moravian version of the Revised Common Lectionary which offers scripture readings for each Sunday and holy day of the three year cycle, including uniquely Moravian occasions such as the John Hus Festival (July 6th), Festival of the Renewal of the Moravian Church (August 13th ), and the Chief Elder Festival (November 13th).

The database displays columns for the Proper name for each Sunday and Festival of the Church Year beginning with the First Sunday of Advent for year A along with the sort key which puts all the Sundays in Church Year order. For each Sunday (or Festival) you will generally see four lines, one each for the assigned readings: Old Testament lesson, Psalm, Gospel, and Epistle lesson. A corresponding Bible Book column numbers the books and chapters of the Bible so that you can do a sort of the data in the order of the books of the Bible in chapter and verse order.

Each column can sort the information of the entire database. Click on the column name to do this in A-Z (or ascending numeric) order, or click it a second time to reverse to Z-A (or descending numeric) order. In some cases reverse order may be preferable, because there are so many blank fields.

You may also sort the database by Title, German Title, Composer, or Season. There is a Scriptural Allusion column to denote specific verses, either to specify a verse within a longer reading, or to note a verse which does not fall within lectionary readings.

You may also search for specific words or names in the search box at the top left (where the magnifying glass is). This will limit your results to a subset of the database, but you’ll be able to sort that subset all the ways described above. To return to the original view of the database, click on the text “Refresh the database by clicking here” link.

Regardless of your method of search, when you find a title you’re interested in, click any field on that line. You will see a record which includes a few more fields. One of these fields will let you know if either of the lending libraries (NPLL in the Bethlehem office, or the SPLL in the Winston-Salem office) has the title available for borrowing.

For additions or corrections, contact Dave Blum, Research Librarian:

Refresh the database by clicking here.
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