Moravian Music Sunday
May 19, 2019

Theme: Christ makes all things new

Recognizing that music is a means of proclaiming the Gospel,
we celebrate Moravian Music Sunday on the fifth Sunday of Easter, which, in 2019, is May 19.

This year we take as our theme the joyful truth that Christ makes all things new. The suggested order of worship includes hymns and anthems that are keyed to the Revised Common Lectionary, but also that speak to our theme.

There are also many Moravians living today who are writing hymn texts and music, anthems, instrumental music, sacred songs, and all sorts of music – probably someone in your own congregation! While we are offering some suggestions for specific hymns and anthems, we encourage you to seek out those gifted composers and authors in your own congregation and celebrate their gifts.

To help in your planning, we’re including the following items:

  • A suggested order of service, which can easily be adapted for use in a lovefeast;
  • A short liturgy for Moravian Music Sunday;
  • A “statement to be read” which focuses attention on Moravian music in the perspective of faith and worship; or, _______;
  • Information regarding the music suggested for Moravian Music Sunday, which you may use in your newsletter or bulletin; and
  • A camera-ready “front-and-back” bulletin insert, describing Moravian music and the Moravian Music Foundation.

We would appreciate receiving bulletins or reports on what you choose to do for Moravian Music Sunday. What you do may serve as a model for someone else! Many thanks, and may God continue to bless your ministry!

  § Letter to Music Directors: Moravian Music Sunday Director of Music Letter 2019

  § Letter to Pastors: Moravian Music Sunday Pastors Letter 2019

  § Statement:  Moravian Music Sunday Statement to be Read, 2019

  § Music Suggestions: Moravian Music Sunday Music Recommendations 2019 & Info about the Composers (for WORD .doc – call or email the MMF office)

  § Order of Worship:  Moravian Music Sunday Order of worship & Information about the hymns (for WORD .doc – call or email the MMF office)
(NOTE: some of the hymn texts require permission to reprint)

  § Suggested Liturgy: Moravian Music Sunday Suggested Liturgy 2019  (for WORD .doc – call or email the MMF office)

  § Liturgy:  Moravian Music Sunday Liturgy insert for duplication 2019  (for WORD .doc – call or email the MMF office)

  § Bulletin Insert:  MMF Bulletin Insert 2019 Color

  § Bulletin Insert:  MMF Bulletin Insert 2019 B&W

On Moravian Music Sunday, we thank God for the gift of music, a heart-felt expression of the faith, love, and hope that we share as brothers and sisters in Christ. Music often touches our hearts, gently moving past the defenses we raise with the spoken word; singing and playing music together, we are joined in Christian unity and challenged to show love to one another.

Through our music, old and new, we are reminded that we follow a Savior who does, indeed, make all things new. Through his life, sufferings, death, and resurrection, Jesus Christ brought about a new creation, defeating the age-old enemy, death, and inviting all of creation to share in new life forevermore. Today we may sing new songs written by living followers of Christ – it’s easy then to celebrate the God who makes all things new! And we may sing old songs written by those who were long ago called to the more immediate presence of Christ. These songs, too, were once new songs, and continue to express our faith in ways that are always renewing.

The Moravian Music Foundation honors the music of our ancestors, and cultivates the composition of new music and words to express our praise and adoration. Moravian composers are male and female, young and old, clergy and lay people, professionally trained and musical amateurs. Moravian music, no matter when or by whom it was created, is an expression of the faith we share, the relationship we have with our Lord Jesus Christ and with one another, in his service.