Part Book of the 26th

The Moravian Music Foundation is the home of the only known complete set of extant Confederate band books from the war between the states.

This set belonged to the Moravian musicians from Salem, NC who were attached to the 26th NC Regiment. The MMF vault holds part-books from other bands, as well.

Extensive diaries by Julius Leinbach have proven invaluable, as an historic record.

Researcher, Philip Dunnigan, is currently working to tell the story from the perspective of Ed Peterson, Salem trombonist, captured in his letters home during the Civil War; this involves cross-referencing with maps and other diaries and records, to determine where the band was, on particular dates, and how they fit into the story and events of the war.

Portions of Julius Leinbach’s diaries are reprinted in a monograph, Regiment Band of the Twenty-Sixth North Carolinaalong with the repertory list of the Band.

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Interested in the whole story?

A JOHNNY REB BAND FROM SALEM: the Pride of Tarheelia

Harry H. Hall, 2006, paperback

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Information relating to Salem, NC and the 26th NC Regiment Band:

Federal City Brass as the 26th NC

MUSIC OF THE 26TH NC REGIMENT BAND – sheet music for brass band, edited and published by MMF
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        A Storm in the Land
        Cheer Boys, Cheer!
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Today, the Federal City Brass Band performs as the 26th NC Regiment Band all over the country.

Federal City as the 26th NC BandOften, they visit Salem.

Civil War re-enactors, known as the Federal City Brass Band, recreate the experience of the 26th NC Regimental Band, through dress, word, and music performance.


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Description of the original Julius Lineback wartime diaries in the collections at UNC Chapel Hill,J.A.html

Vermont in the Civil War (mentions the 26th NC regiment band) Essay about music in the Civil War

Civil War Art PrintMaryland, My Maryland by Mort Künstler (depicts the 26th NC regiment band, and gives a description of the scene and the band’s role in the crossing of the Potomac on the way to Gettysburg)

North Carolina History Project’s entry about the Salem Brass Band’s role, being attached to the 26th NC Regiment during the Civil War.