The Moramus Chorale Celebrates its 40th Anniversary and the 60th Anniversary of the Moravian Music Foundation
Drake Flynt, Director
Mary Louise Kapp Peeples, organist

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Hanes Auditorium, Elberson Fine Arts Center, Salem College


Prelude of Chorales –

Organ prelude –

What Good News                                                                Francis Florentine Hagen


Hymn: Join We All with One Accord                                            arr. Jayson Snipes


Lord Christ Jesus, Our Salvation                             Tune from Hohenfurth (1410)

Text by John Hus (c. 1410)

Arranged and translated by Dirk French (1993)

Sonatas for trombone                                                                                                Cruse

Amen, Blessing, Glory, Wisdom                                      Johann Gottfried Gebhard

(1755- after 1799)

**  Intermission **


Kindlein, bleibet bey Ihm                                                         Johann Friedrich Peter

Amanda Schumpert Moody, soprano              (1746-1813)

Glenn Siebert, tenor

Children, stay close to him, so you will not be ashamed, so you will not be ashamed before him at his coming. You were bought with a price, were bought with a price, therefore praise the Lord, praise God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.


Unbeschreiblich schöner                                                                    Christian Gregor


Beauty, all exceeding, wounded Savior, bleeding, when like children, tenderhearted, we kiss your feet a thousand times. May our tears so lowly bathe your feet most holy, for the leading of your loving, for your claiming, us by grace, all our thanks and praise can ne’er suffice. Take us, Lord, to reward your suffering, our whole heart an offering. Now, Lord, take me; yours now make me, take me to reward your suffering, with ten thousand hearts as offering.


Holy, Holy, Holy                                                                                   Heinrich Lonas


Cantate Domino                                                                                      John Mochnick

O Jesus, My Lord                                                                                 arr. Károly Köpe


Thou Child Divine                                                                                       James Bates


Christ and Him Crucified                                                              Nola Reed Knouse


Jubilate                                                                                Christian Ignatius Latrobe


Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord                                                       arr. Károly Köpe

It Is a Precious Thing                                                               Johann Friedrich Peter