Wanted: 60 Band Instruments in 2016

A Moravian Music Foundation 60th Anniversary Challenge

In collaboration with the Board of World Mission, the Moravian Music Foundation issues a challenge to our friends: Help us collect 60 band instruments, not currently being used, to send via the Board of World Mission to areas of the Moravian Unity that don’t have and would make good use of them!

The instruments will be collected at the Moravian Music Foundation offices in Winston-Salem and Bethlehem, and then handed over to the Board of World Mission for placement with Mission Provinces or Mission areas of the Worldwide Unity, either by shipping or carried by teams as they travel.

Please send an email to erik@moravianmusic.org or call us at 336-725-0651, to share details about the instrument and arrange delivery or pickup.sierra-leone-2016-4 sierra-leone-2016-1

PHOTOS – Sierra Leone

Please keep in mind:

¨ Smaller instruments (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, even trombones) are easier to transport.

¨ For baritone or tuba donations, please consider a financial contribution to support extra shipping charges.

¨ Instruments should be in good playing condition if at all possible! If you have an instrument that needs significant repair, would you consider making a financial contribution towards repair costs?

¨ If you have skills in instrument repair, would you donate your services for these instruments?

¨ Financial contributions towards the cost of Moravian band books and/or music instructional books.

Let’s spread the Moravian band tradition far and wide, in celebration of several hundred years of joyful music-making and the 60th birthday of the Moravian Music Foundation!