moramus-award-dirk-french-2016-6The Moramus Award was presented to Dr. Dirk French, composer, organist, translator, Professor Emeritus of Classics at Davidson University (NC). The Moramus Award is the Foundation’s most prestigious recognition. It was initiated in 1961 to honor scholars and others whose activities and achievements have resulted in outstanding contributions to American Moravian music and have furthered the work of the MMF, or have had a positive influence upon the goals and stature of the MMF. 
The award was presented to Brother French, Nov. 20, 2016 at the MMF and Moramus Chorale Anniversary Concert, and then, again on Nov. 27, 2016, at New Beginnings Moravian Church, Huntersville, NC, where Dirk received a standing ovation from his congregation!
The award reads …dirk-french-recognized-at-new-beginnings-church-11-27

Dirk French, as Professor Emeritus of Classics at Davidson University, member of the Moramus Chorale, and Music Director of New Beginnings Moravian Church, your contributions to Moravian music and scholarship are legion. You have reconstructed two eighteenth-century lovefeast odes, identifying and editing the anthems, identifying hymn tunes, translating anthem and hymn texts, and preparing New Beginnings’ choir to present the music in worship. You prepared the translation of the John Hus Communion Hymn for the 1995 Moravian Book of Worship, using your extensive knowledge of languages, theological wisdom, and skill as a composer to present both words and music with theological, scholarly, and musical integrity and artistry.

Not only are you a translator and arranger; you are also an accomplished poet and composer in your own right. You have written both words and music to many excellent hymns. You have composed a number of beautiful and well-crafted anthems, including Lord, Bless Our Unity, for the 250th Anniversary of the Southern Province.

You are an active and enthusiastic musician, having been a member of the Moramus Chorale since 1987, and you have attended every Moravian Music Festival since 1990. You have been Music Director of New Beginnings Moravian Church since its beginning sixteen years ago, where you direct the choir, play keyboard, write anthems and hymns for worship, and work with the children, all with your gentle heart and selfless leadership.

For your passionate dedication to Moravian music past and present, your countless hours of humble service, and the joy you bring to the preservation, celebration, and cultivation of the musical life of the Moravians, the Board of Trustees takes great pleasure, with heartfelt thanks, in presenting to you the Moramus Award for Distinguished Service to Moravian Music