Lunchtime Lecture. “Salem’s 250th in Music” Rev. Dr. Nola Reed Knouse, lecturer. Archie K. Davis Center, Winston-Salem, NC.

Salem’s 250th in music. Founding hymn (1766) “Der Ord soll werden”. Documentation of musical events from the congregation’s diaries (1771-1783). Celebration of the first July 4th (1783) opening hymn “Peace is with us.” Johann Frederick Peter composes six string quintets (1789). Tannenburg organ installed (1800). Simon Peter composed anthem for the 50th anniversary of the arrival of settlers “Siehe meine Knechte” (1803), 50th anniversary of the start of building Salem (1816). Frances Florentine Hagen composes “Morning Star” (1836). Edward Leinback’s musical leadership discussed, including “Hosanna.” 26th Regimental Band supports the troops (1861-1865). Three Van Vleck sisters compose music and teach at Salem Academy (1860s). Salem orchestra formed (1870s). Establishment of the Winston-Salem Symphony (1946). Moravian Music Festivals begin (1950). Moravian Music Foundation chartered (1956). 200th Anniversary of the construction of Home Moravian Church (2000) with anthems commissioned by Margaret Sandresky. 250th anniversary of the Moravian Southern Province (2003) with more commissioned anthems. Reconditioned Tannenburg organ (2004) with commissioned works. Resurgence of hymn writing (2000s).