By Albert Frank

A wonderful gift, the Companion is a resource for pastors, music directors, organists, musicologists, hymnologists, hymn-writers, composers, editors, and arrangers, or anyone with an interest in, or love of, sacred texts and worshipful music.companion-cover

Two years of research into the stories and history of hymn texts and tunes has gone into this book, with new information unearthed and new research undertaken to solve some of the unanswered questions of Moravian hymnology and liturgics.

“Since the earliest days of the Unitas Fratrum, worship in the language of the people has been of central importance to Moravians. A second guiding principle, that of congregational participation in worship, has worked with the former to make hymn singing an integral part of Moravian worship. Hymn singing… …provides both a vehicle for, and evidence of, that fellowship with each other and with the Lord which is so dear…” It provides “the clearest and most public expressions of Moravian theology as well as the deepest heart-felt responses to God.”

“Since its beginnings, the Moravian hymn-singing tradition has been an eclectic one, borrowing what seemed good and useful from many sources. Music for hymns has included melodies newly composed for specific texts, tunes adapted from other denominational traditions, and adaptations of popular tunes.”
– Albert Frank