Sunday, November 22 at 7:00pm Moramus Chorale

Salemtowne, 190 Moravian Way Dr, Winston-Salem, NC, (336) 767-8130        Moramus on Facebook

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The Moramus Chorale, led by Drake Flynt, and accompanied by Mary Lou Kapp Peeples, will present a service of song and prayer at Salemtowne. The public is welcome and admission is free. Enter Salemtowne from Bethabara Park Blvd. Drive straight into campus. When you arrive at the first stop sign, the Saal will be in front of you. Public parking is available to the right of the entrance.

Several anthems by Moravian composer and pastor, the Rev. Francis Florentine Hagen will be featured, in celebration of his 200th anniversary.

Those present will be invited to sing hymns.

The service will feature a setting of the Ave Verum Corpus, by Mozart; and Jesus Christus, Nostra Salus, translated and composed, by Dirk French (a member of Moramus), from an ancient text of the Unitas Fratrum.

The Rev. Linda Browne, Chaplain of Salemtowne, will preside.