The Moravian Music Foundation preserves, shares, and celebrates Moravian musical culture.

If you’ve been following these posts, you surely know of the variety of the activities of the Moravian Music Foundation! There is always something interesting going on in both offices – making preparation for concerts; researchers asking things we’d never thought to look for; reviewing music for publication; working with a congregation planning an anniversary; looking at a newly-written hymn … No two days are ever the same!

And looking ahead, we see yet more challenging and exciting times – the 26th Moravian Music Festival (in 2021); a CD of Moravian organ music (coming this fall!); perhaps a songbook including songs from around the Moravian world; more discoveries in our cataloging work … and who knows what’s coming next year?

All these activities have one thing in common.

Well, two. First, they’re all connected to our mission – preserving, sharing, and celebrating Moravian musical culture.

And second, they all cost money.

“Moravian” is in our name. “Moravian” is in our mission statement. “Moravian” is a crucial component of all our work, and indeed, of the very identity of the organization. However, the Moravian Church is able to support only about 4% (yes, that’s four percent) of the Foundation’s annual operating budget. The remainder must come from other sources – some from sales of publications and recordings, some from the income generated by invested funds, and a LOT from individual donors!

So we ask. Twice a year we send a letter to the approximately 3,000 people on our mailing list, inviting them to join us as supporters of the Moravian Music Foundation (by “join us”, I do mean to emphasize that all of the staff and board members ARE donors to the Foundation’s Annual Friends Campaign!). Not everyone responds to those letters.

This year – this month – we’re doing something special. We’re sending out a special mailing, inviting you to “chip in” for our summertime expenses (the time of year when donations are typically at their lowest). We’re calling it a “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream” or, alternatively, “Christmas in July”! Will you join us with a special gift of $20 or more, this month, in addition to your regular contributions?

Some facts and figures … If 100 people gave $20, the resulting $2,000 would cover our office supplies budget for the entire year.

If 100 people gave $40, the resulting $4,000 would cover our CD duplication costs for the upcoming organ recording.

If 100 people gave $48, the resulting $4,800 would cover staff health insurance costs for the month of July.

If 150 people gave $40 (or 100 people gave $60), the resulting $6,000 would cover our building occupancy costs for the month of July (both offices – space rental, air conditioning, electricity, telephone, alarm system, etc.)

You can do the math from here – what I’m saying is that every size gift has an impact! Many small gifts can multiply, creating a huge impact … as a pebble thrown into still water creates ripples that move farther, and farther, and farther … and the duck hundreds of feet away floats on the waves.

When you receive this mailing, please be generous! And, while we love gifts designated for special projects, please keep in mind that the electric bill still has to be paid, the staff health insurance still must be funded, telephones still need to work, and so on … unrestricted gifts are the “bread and butter” that keep everything humming in both offices!

If you’re not on our mailing list, you can follow the link from our home page and make your secure gift online!

And – thank you very, very, very, very much!

Next time: The “Green Series” of Moravian Star Anthems