Notes from Nola – Sources of Support for the Moravian Music Foundation

The Moravian Music Foundation preserves, shares, and celebrates Moravian musical culture.

Today we focus on thanksgiving – the deep sense of gratitude we have for all who support the Moravian Music Foundation through their financial gifts. You know who you are, of course; but what is the company you keep? Who are our supporters?

They are individuals. People, like you, who have come to know and appreciate the mission of the Moravian Music Foundation, and who want its work to continue to thrive. They contribute to the Annual Friends Fund each year, supporting 23% of our operating budget in 2017. These gifts help pay the normal operating expenses – salaries and benefits, utilities, postage and telephone, and the like.

They are the Northern and Southern Provinces of the Moravian Church in America. Through provincial askings, the provinces supported about 6% of our operating budget in 2017.

They are those who made purchases, either directly from us or from other publishers holding our music in print. Sales and royalties and other miscellaneous income supported about 3% of our 2017 operating income.

They are those who left bequests or special gifts. Many of these are designated for special projects, including publications in the Moravian Star Anthem Series. Others provide unrestricted income, and in 2017 these funds supported 52% of our operating budget. Every year a few small grants help supplement these gifts.

They are those who have contributed to the Foundation’s Endowment (now known as the Securing the Future Endowment Fund). Through these gifts, which generate income in perpetuity, they have provided a vote of confidence in the Foundation’s long-term future. This income supported 16% of our 2017 operating budget.

So as you have supported the Moravian Music Foundation, you are in good company indeed! And as you make your plans for your year-end giving, or look farther into estate planning, we hope you’ll remember the Moravian Music Foundation as we seek to preserve, share, and celebrate Moravian musical culture.

And – first, second, third, forty-seventh, and forever – THANK YOU!!!

Next time … Who are the Moravian Music Foundation’s “constituents”?