Product Description

A Moravian Celebration, by Winston-Salem composer Wade Peeples, is a monumental organ work for advanced organists. Commissioned for the 2003 celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Southern Province, Moravian Church in America, this three-movement opus is based on Moravian hymn tunes. The first movement is itself a triptych (Introduction, Fantasy, and Fugue) which opens with a bold pedal statement of COVENANT (Grace and Peace from God, Our Blessed Savior). The Fantasy weaves together snippets of six Moravian hymntunes: HAYN (Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice), BECHLER (Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord), PILGRIMAGE (Welcome Among Your Flock of Grace), BERTHELSDORF (Own Your Congregation), CONFESSION (What Brought Us Together), and COVENANT before boldly launching into a rousing six-page fugue on BECHLER (Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord). The middle movement is a delightful set of variations on HAYN (Jesus Makes My Heart Rejoice), and the final movement is a medley of three tunes – HOLY LORD (Holy Lord, Holy Lord), CHURCH, REJOICE (Church Rejoice! Raise Your Voice), and CASSEL (Christian Hearts, in Love United) – which can be performed either by organ alone or with an obbligato instrument (trumpet). Highly recommended!