• A Loving Home's a Happy Home

    A Loving Home’s A Happy Home: 19th-Century Moravian Parlor Music

    by Lisetta and Amelia Van Vleck, Carl Van Vleck & Francis F. Hagen

    Issued by New World Records, this is a two-CD set, (Disc 1 has 15 tracks, Disc 2 has 16) with a variety of vocal and piano music by Salem, NC composers. It will transport you to another time, as though you’re listening to an evening recital in the parlor of your friend’s home.
  • By A Spring - David Moritz Michael (1751-1827)
    David Moritz Michael (1751-1827), who initiated the use of the wind ensemble for the Whitmonday celebration, wrote two suites specifically for this day: the Wasserfahrt, or "Water Journey," in 1809, and Suiten Bey einer Quelle zu blasen, or "Suites to Play by a Spring," presumably in 1810. Music sample and track list found below in the full description
  • Cheer, Boys, Cheer! Music of the 26th N.C. Regimental Band, CSA (Volume 2)
    Among the rarities in the Moravian Music Foundation's collections are the only known complete sets of band books from a confederate band in the American Civil War. These were brought to Salem (now Winston-Salem, North Carolina) because the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band C.S.A. was comprised wholly of Moravian musicians from Salem. Track list and full description found below.
  • Church, Rejoice by the Moravian Lower Brass
    The Moravian Lower Brass is a new outgrowth of the Moravian brass heritage, the band equivalent of the sonority of a men's chorus. Listeners as yet unfamiliar with the quality of this sound will be struck by its mellow, rich, and deeply expressive quality. Full description and track list found below.
  • Julia Foster and Amanda Crider He Restores My Soul
    20 Moravian Sacred Vocal Duets from the American Moravian music collections in Bethlehem, PA, Winston-Salem, NC, and Herrnhut, Germany. Soloists, Julia Foster and Amanda Crider with the Bach Festival Society Orchestra.
  • Joining Our Voices: Moravian Hymns by Moravian Church Choir
    Moravians sing. Moravian worship services are characterized by singing hymns of traditional composers and contemporary composers and writers. This collection of Moravian hymns is the first of what we hope will be a series of recordings of hymns and anthems popular in American Moravian congregations. Music sample and track list found below in the full description
  • Lost Music of Early America - Music of the Moravians
    With works by Johann Friedrich Peter, Jeremiah Dencke, David Moritz Michael, John Antes and more, this collection provides a glimpse into the amazing musical talent and heritage of early American Moravian composers. Performed on period instruments by Boston Baroque under the direction of Martin Pearlman. This collection also includes a second CD on which Martin Pearlman discusses music of the Moravians. Music sample and track list found below in the full description.
  • Loveliest Immanuel - Moravian Sacred Solos
    Sharla Nafziger and the Bach Festival Chamber Orchestra A collection of Moravian music from the 18th and 19th centuries, performed by soprano Sharla Nafziger with the Bach Festival Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Dr. John Sinclair.Ê Recorded in 2009; produced by the Moravian Music Foundation Track list and full description found below.
  • Mit Freuden zart (With Tender Joy) - Moravian Chorales for Band
    Mit Freuden zart is the name of a tune beloved of the American Moravians. The tune name itself - "with tender joy" - expresses something of the character of the life and music of the Moravians. This collection of Moravian Chorales from the 15th through 19th centuries was performed by Giannini Brass in 2003 and produced by the Moravian Music Foundation. Be sure to check out the music samples in the Product Description!
  • Once He Came in Blessing
    2010 release from the Moravian Music Foundation. Music for Advent and Christmas, performed by the Moravian Lower Brass Ensemble. You will be struck by the mellow, rich, and deeply expressive quality of this sound. A total of 38 tunes are included on this CD. Just in time for Christmas, this CD will make a great stocking stuffer or hostess gift. Consider buying one for yourself too!
  • Parthien 10-14 – by David Moritz Michael
  • Parthien 6-9 David Moritz Michael (1751-1827)
    The woodwind Parthien of David Moritz Michael (1751-1827) convey delightfully both of these meanings. The works are technically challenging enough to interest both the capable amateur and the professional performer; and they are works containing humor and whimsy, even in their most serious moments, to engage the mind and heart of both performer and listener. See full description and track list in Product Description below.